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Our History

Since Odyssey started Software development in 1998 it has grown into a leading global point-of-sale company. With fully trained personnel and more than 18 years of programming, retail and hospitality experience, we can provide competent top quality corporate and general retail customers with the best sales and after sales service. Odyssey develops, support and maintain point-of-sale and hospitality products sold in and around South Africa. We have since spread our horizons to now developing online, offline and mobile point-of-sale products.

With the main development offices in Bloemfontein and more that 18 branches and agencies nationwide, we are obligated to meet the total needs of our customers. With more than 15 000 packages sold to small, large-size businesses and franchises, Odyssey has proven itself to be highly competitive. Thanks to these successes and to a comprehensive reseller channels build up over seventeen years, Odyssey is now one of the biggest suppliers of point-of-sale software in and around South Africa.

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Odyssey Back Office

Odyssey Version 8 Back Office screen with custom icons.

Odyssey Point of Sale

Odyssey Version 8 Retail Point of Sale screen.

Odyssey Mobile Point of Sale

Odyssey Offline Mobile Point of Sale with Cloud Based Back Office.